Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Winnfield City Police

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The Winn Parish Poster said...

The "appropriate force" used was delivered via a Taser. It remains to be seen whether the Tasering or the allegedly ingested drugs caused the man's death.

This is the second controversial death involving the Winnfield City Police in the last few months.

In the earlier case, a drunken arrestee was able - due to the inattention of the arresting officer - to steal the officer's police car. The drunk man then drove away in the police car at high speed before crashing into a tree, killing himself.

If the Tasering turns out to have been a cause of the death of the young man in this recent case, then an investigation of the WCP is more than justified.

It is worth noting that the officer involved in the earlier fatality is still on the force. It is not yet publicly known whether that officer was also involved in this more recent fatal incident.

V said...

Here's a case which gives a little detail on the relationship between current Chief Carpenter and past Chief Nugent:

I have to wonder whether Carpenter's friendship with the elder Nugent influenced his decision to keep the younger Nugent on the force despite the stolen police car death incident.

While looking for the above case, I also found this one:

I'm linking to it here just because it mentions a claim by a police officer that he burned marijuana in an incinerator at Kaye's!

I never realized that place was such a focal point for drug activity.

V said...

Here's the KNOE store about the protest:

Here's the State Police press release about the July '07 stolen police car death incident:

It doesn't name the arresting officer. I remember that the Winn Parish Enterprise also failed to identify the officer when they did a story on that incident.

Anonymous said...

It will all be over soon and Nugent will be cleared of any wrongdoing and will be re-instated to his post.

Hang in there Scott.